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China Hangzhou Buddhist culture photo exhibition opens at UN’s Headquarters in New York

Date: 2013-01-16

"Buddha's Footprint: Buddhist Culture in Hangzhou China – Zhang Wang's Photo Works Exhibition" opened at UN's Headquarters in New York on December 10. The exhibition shows the world the Buddhist culture and history in the West Lake region of Hangzhou, China.

Zhang said the Buddhist culture in the said region enjoys a long history and his cameras recorded the fusion of Chinese culture and Buddhist culture. Combining photography techniques and Zen perception, Zhang's works are expected to introduce China's traditional culture to the world through the platform of the UN, the first stop for its global exhibition tour.

The exhibition includes 34 photos Zhang shot in the past 11 years, recording the images of temples, monks and Buddha statues in the West Lake region.

Hosted by the UN Chinese Book Club, UN Photography Association and Hangzhou Municipal Government, the exhibition will last until December 14. UN Chinese Book Club President Wen Xuejun, official from China's Consulate in New York, artists and media workers were present at opening ceremony on December 10.

Born in August 1962, Zhang has won a champion in the Austria International Photography Art Exhibition and China's Photography Golden Award.

(Source: Hangzhou China)