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The New Century Grand Hotel Tonglu (Tonglu Kaiyuan Mingdu Dajiudian) is located in the city's central business district, at the intersection of South Yingchun Road and Baiyunyuan Road. This location puts guests within walking distance of many shopping and dining options. On offer are rooms well appointed with all the expected modern facilities including large screen LCD TVs, in-room safes and mini fridges...More Details>>

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  • goever
    Clean, good!
  • sunnyontrip
    Hotel in the town's central location, very convenient ... but the room is too bad sound insulation, noise in the corridors, sound of the door closing, air conditioner, motor vehicles on the road, noisy night.
  • cengang65699589
    Stayed many times and have been very satisfied.
  • amy Ying
    Rooms are clean, comfortable living. always choose to live here
  • suwei246
    Convenient room. cost-effective, came here after living in this
  • jiyunmei
    Very busy around the hotel, nice
  • joyle
    This Kaiyuan hotel is I live had of more than Kaiyuan in worst of a home. not denied of is service, in Lake Kaiyuan resort of service is best of, and in Tonglu Kaiyuan, I make not understand management layer and the hotel highest led layer why on so ignored has hotel line waiter on guest of courtesy? no enthusiasm, no a has smile, special to said of is; lobby door outside one middle-aged male waiter, in we and behind of car bypass provides ring route Hou temporarily stopped in poolThe edge when getting on and off, he directly pointing to say; ' Hey your parked car. 'do not say anything else, I just want to ask why Tonglu new century did not give the waiter should have norms of courtesy? how to smile? because choosing new century, trust your new century service philosophy has always been, but this, I will not go back.
  • deedee79
    Bad sound insulation, can still hear at night, 4/f, KTV singing. TVs outside the glass is really superfluous, reflective so much watch TV very tired. others can also, the location is easy to find.
  • minmin_cao
    Location very good accessibility. next business trip to go back.
  • cluna
    High performance-price ratio, five-star is affordable
  • lianjl
    Health environment and service attitude is good. but the theaters make noise until the wee hours of the night; 118 buffet dinner per person, I do not know whether the weekend's reasons, food is very bad, there is no cost. breakfast is relatively small, rooms at the restaurant were too different from last time.
  • jiaofei
    Nice hotel, the room is new and very clean, is fairly large, and quiet at night, great view. breakfast is rich, is more of a person. Wifi Internet connection in the room soon. swimming pool and gym are all used was slightly smaller swimming pool and child more than a number, is a little crowded.
  • leonwangfuli
    Elegant and friendly environment clean and tidy travel preferred
  • goodyuan
    Already many times, live quite comfortable, but all facilities are relatively good, the breakfast is OK, don't know if it's one too many times, think the front desk customer service attitude or something worse
  • Imear
    Great just, nothing surprise also nothing too big insufficient, but front desk of communication capacity need strengthening, began staying of room for 02 room, next is equipment between pipeline well, strongly of resonance let people caught crazy, phone communication, let to front desk, good's, you is uncle! to has front desk, various prevarication, a said rooms are full has, a said let Engineering Department to processing, processing? processing! processing you head Ah, pipeline well split has? was I skewers zhihou, immediately promised for a away from setRoom did not said full House? Also, the Windows of every room in the House were not shut you what the hell is? the explanation given is because the settlement window for a long time, speechless!
  • AmyMaying
    So, price is not high, if you have a choice not to live
  • liuli
    All right!
  • lapoli
    Good location, facilities new! staff service very good!
  • LewisLiu98
    Great location, surrounded by a lot of food, less than 5 km to old city, and is near the Da-Qi mountain. Buffet breakfast without a cake than bread, friend's daughter a little over 120, will be holding charges, not humanity, children generally taller now, even countries have relaxed the criteria for children free of charge
  • duanyp
    New century quality is good, location is very good, nearby shopping, eating is very convenient, the service is also very good. is near from the Da-Qi mountain, about 3 km. breakfast can also add some variety, such as cakes, pizza or something, and make it more like flavor to the last stage.
  • Soft knife
    Super comfortable ... room layout details great. Hangzhou, Pujiang new century are more comfortable.
  • libincaup
    Perhaps because this is the standard room, deluxe room was much worse than last place. swimming pool water is cold, but slightly under the swim felt good. is near from the Da-Qi mountain.
  • Elena315
    Which is very nice.
  • e05432977
    Hotel was good, not speedy for is to add breakfast food varieties! made late may not have had too much to eat! some mildew in the room! location and other aspects are also good.
  • fleading
    Beautiful environment, excellent service
  • Magicmore
    Reaction rate of the hotel, also has a very large space, and look forward to ... ...
  • allround
    Why national good-spicy expensive?
  • cxwp163
  • faye4200
    Family travel, is also good.
  • perilla
    Hotels in Nice, breakfast is the bathroom exhaust fan is bad, the walls moldy
  • jaeeod
    Very good hotel, the lobby is Chinese-style decoration, has offered free tea, Lotus Pavilion outside on the first floor is beautiful, scenic spot in good, and the repair invoice is for express delivery
  • E02493670
    Facilities good, toilet compared big, wet and dry separate. but Hotel corridor odor is heavy, room in smoke taste is heavy, which has five-star hotel of like. breakfast see things many, actually quality are is poor, baking culture of West point that unpalatable Ah. restaurant didn't people led bit, didn't people tea pour coffee. haha, may is just live had Shangri-La, drop too big, but a points money a points goods, price also can.
  • e03420784
    Very good
  • NavyLee
    Good service good price very reasonable good
    Live several times, well, well, well, well
  • maryli_79
    Which is very nice
  • e00784767
    New century hotel in the first attempt to domestic hotel management hotel chain and Hotel International management there are gaps.
  • fairy warm
    Nice hotel-
  • blueberry685
    Tongxiang is indeed the most beautiful County, good location, convenient
  • jinlc168
    Not very clean, the breakfast wasn't good
  • liuliy
    Nightmare live on the 10/f floor under the first night the KTV singing until 2 o'clock in the morning a group of people from the evening is very poor soundproofing couldn't sleep the night service representing this KTV was contracted out to other unresolved insomnia all through the night the next day response immediately went to the front desk to change thanks to a 22-storey rooms are generally large brand new century worthy of good service good breakfast
  • boojf
  • e00054059
    Found a hair
  • andy99
    Feeling good, next time you go live there?
  • tulipop
    Overall good be described as Tonglu city centre location, eat around, a congee shop recommended, forget what's the name of the. room is a little damp, health can, buffet line with new century's standards.
  • aini830213
    Overall good
  • guoyi89
    Tonglu is very beautiful, nice, hotels are also available, is too little service
  • by*914
    That's good
  • conan620
    Entering the hotel has a very pleasant smell, the hotel's services is very good, breakfast very good, swimming pool on the top floor, the water in the swimming pool was not very clean a bit muddy, everything else was good.
  • e00076773
    It's OK.