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The New Century Grand Hotel Tonglu (Tonglu Kaiyuan Mingdu Dajiudian) is located in the city's central business district, at the intersection of South Yingchun Road and Baiyunyuan Road. This location puts guests within walking distance of many shopping and dining options. On offer are rooms well appointed with all the expected modern facilities including large screen LCD TVs, in-room safes and mini fridges...More Details>>

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  • FlyBSD
    Tonglu new century is a big bed room is the best scenery, big Windows, outside world view of a green forest, HA HA, this position is the most quiet, rest more comfortable
  • ccc617001
    Durian Durian red envelope
  • m00049355
    Good good good
  • canie
    Too many guests eat breakfast, kind of breakfast, Western enough, I can still
  • wendy1981_
    This is the second stay at first stay felt very good, dinner buffet for the second time, and a lot worse than the first, whether species or drink a lot less, but the price the same. it was stated that is the cause of group meals, hope that fixing prices with quality, if the standards have dropped, should be reflected in the price.
  • tn1974
    Environmental services are good?
  • e00067115
    Room smell
  • goever
    Clean, good!
  • Aben7
    Which is very nice
  • e05181665
    Very good
  • Connie Yang
    Environment, high cost performance. environment, high cost performance. environment, high cost performance.
  • sunnyontrip
    Hotel in the town's central location, very convenient ... but the room is too bad sound insulation, noise in the corridors, sound of the door closing, air conditioner, motor vehicles on the road, noisy night.
  • E02493670
    Facilities good, toilet compared big, wet and dry separate. but Hotel corridor odor is heavy, room in smoke taste is heavy, which has five-star hotel of like. breakfast see things many, actually quality are is poor, baking culture of West point that unpalatable Ah. restaurant didn't people led bit, didn't people tea pour coffee. haha, may is just live had Shangri-La, drop too big, but a points money a points goods, price also can.
  • joyle
    This Kaiyuan hotel is I live had of more than Kaiyuan in worst of a home. not denied of is service, in Lake Kaiyuan resort of service is best of, and in Tonglu Kaiyuan, I make not understand management layer and the hotel highest led layer why on so ignored has hotel line waiter on guest of courtesy? no enthusiasm, no a has smile, special to said of is; lobby door outside one middle-aged male waiter, in we and behind of car bypass provides ring route Hou temporarily stopped in poolThe edge when getting on and off, he directly pointing to say; ' Hey your parked car. 'do not say anything else, I just want to ask why Tonglu new century did not give the waiter should have norms of courtesy? how to smile? because choosing new century, trust your new century service philosophy has always been, but this, I will not go back.
  • comdy
    Tonglu of Kaiyuan General is General, room noise is bad, air conditioning estimated aging has, voice is big, 3 late basic didn't how sleep. swimming pool in loft, not thermostat of, also is small. service aspects also is not thoughtful, open room Shi said of also has offers, checkout when is told has places limit, we 11 points check out is late has, so no enjoy discount or fulfilment relief of opportunities, this should in open room Qian clear told customer. night of buffet seafood are is not fresh of, anywayFive star not reflected, at Samsung four star level it! will have the opportunity to Tonglu, would never choose Kaiyuan.
  • fanjunxiao
    My friend came back and said, it's really good, service environment are brilliant.
  • e01001831
    Environment nice, easy in and out of traffic, room facilities and better health, rich breakfast, clean swimming pool water
  • yuanbing1101
    Very glad to upgrade to a deluxe room, the service is in place, location very good
  • Magicmore
    Reaction rate of the hotel, also has a very large space, and look forward to ... ...
  • fannyymf
    Looks great, bathroom shower door design is a bit of problem, the water will overflow, there was a little trouble.
  • judy105
    Gym equipment is obsolete, the waiter is too poor; breakfast variety less; I do not know why, online rooms, are available at the price advantage.
  • faye4200
    Family travel, is also good.
  • Andy1979
    Environment is good, service is also available, through the night elevators, evening sound, replaced the next day, also, is the room too small
  • leigoodwill
    Nice, clean, service needs to be improved, bathroom had a bath is too slippery, kids wrestling, bad
  • gjdgaj
    Can said this is I live had of Kaiyuan in the than poor of a, said of first late fruit no (I also too lazy to to to has), meal fee vouchers coupons is full 150 only can with (also is I phone to to of, for I a people travel, 150 and seems too more, so fundamental useless Shang), Chinese Office order, altogether only points has two a dish,, has 40 minutes Shang has a dish, also and I points of has early into, another dish in one hours Hou, waiter active apologized recommends I canceled, mostI was 40 bucks after dinner was solve, let me say what. only OK is the restaurant's staff can be anyway, you have loss of standard of new century!
  • Automan
    Floor high room very quiet praise
  • Imear
    Great just, nothing surprise also nothing too big insufficient, but front desk of communication capacity need strengthening, began staying of room for 02 room, next is equipment between pipeline well, strongly of resonance let people caught crazy, phone communication, let to front desk, good's, you is uncle! to has front desk, various prevarication, a said rooms are full has, a said let Engineering Department to processing, processing? processing! processing you head Ah, pipeline well split has? was I skewers zhihou, immediately promised for a away from setRoom did not said full House? Also, the Windows of every room in the House were not shut you what the hell is? the explanation given is because the settlement window for a long time, speechless!
  • lianjl
    Health environment and service attitude is good. but the theaters make noise until the wee hours of the night; 118 buffet dinner per person, I do not know whether the weekend's reasons, food is very bad, there is no cost. breakfast is relatively small, rooms at the restaurant were too different from last time.
  • groovy_tang2000
    Well! good!
  • gis32
    Hardware good! and thoughtful details facility, front desk staff was very helpful! gym is free use of the swimming pool, compliment!
  • petreldan
    Holiday prices are a lot higher ... but after all, the five-star, Nice in every way. breakfast in many varieties.
  • aoteman312
    Good, is more fur fluffy stuff in the room
  • benanmiil
    The hotel service is poor, food service is very poor, 7 o'clock in the evening buffets and other food and beverage was gone, front blunt, inconsistent with the five-star hotel quality. as in the center of the surrounding environment. that would not stay here again.
  • flowersr
    Environment I don't say it, fitness swimming as a whole. service passion. picking up gold did not, cleaning is clean, I'm fifth stay.
  • liuli
    All right!
  • jinjing26
    Facilities very good, breakfast very good. but 10 and 12 floors stinks.
  • coserone
    Double room and twin differences in one bed and two beds, 1 time price almost doubled, and
  • xindebeier
    In-store environment. facility great! especially the surrounding environment (square)-home to go!
  • e05297206
    Nice, new century brand, breakfast very good, will come again
  • asunasan
    Convenient, can view mountain view, facilities, and services in place. indoor pool. buffet variety is less. overall I feel very good, highly recommended.
  • e00796422
    Cost-effective facilities service highly recommended
  • andy99
    Feeling good, next time you go live there?
  • Jianan
    It's OK
  • angelwing
    Floor, room had a smell, a cold bath water will be hot.
  • lululily
    Environment is very good, rooms a little decoration odor!
  • tulipop
    Overall good be described as Tonglu city centre location, eat around, a congee shop recommended, forget what's the name of the. room is a little damp, health can, buffet line with new century's standards.
  • Dynamic0
    Which is very nice
  • Nancy sugar sugar Mama
    Environment as a whole well satisfied and would choose this hotel in future.
  • alex2113
    Kai yuan as well
  • fenglibo042