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General introduction to the city

Tonglu County is located in the northwest of Zhejiang Province and the middle reaches of the Qiantang River, which is part of Hangzhou. It is east to Zhuji, south of Huangpu River, Jiande, west to Chun'an, Northeast to Fuyang, and northwest to Lin'an.

Yaolin Fairyland

TIt is located in Yaolin Town in Tonglu County ,80 kilometers away from Hangzhou,23 kilometers away from County Center .Yaolin  Fairyland, also called Yaolin Cave, has a depth of 1 kilometer and a total area of 28,000 square meters. is one of "Top 40 Chinese Tourism Resorts" and "Top 10 Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Resorts". In 2002, it was honored as National Grade AAAA Scenic Area. It is known as the "crown of the various holes in the country" because of the hole potential landforms, magnificent and beautiful landscape of the group of stone.

Daqi Mountain National Forest Park

TAlso known as "Village-based Mountain" form the lotus throne, an elevation of more than 600 m, It is located in the south bank of Fuchun River which has 5 km to the Tonglu county.

TWith a total area of 40 square kilometers, and enjoying the good name of "natural oxygen bar" DaQi Mountain National Forest Park hold the punishable forest resources as the main natural landscape, including the peaks and ridges within Pinnacle, rugged rock formations, Canyon Creek waterfall, flowers scenery, but also tall bamboo, orchard fragrance of rural scenery. It has Pleasant climate with the annual average temperature 15 ℃and the average summer temperature 26 ℃.

TNowadays, The DAQi Mountain National Forest Park has developed a " canyon of Shi JingYuan ", "Youth World", "acres of orchards ",  "orchard agronomic Park", " barbecue in stone house ", " playing water." ,"Sino-Japanese Friendship forest" and other attractions.

Fuchun River Drift

TIt is a water leisure projects Developed in the qililong Dam to the TongJun Mountain.drift  starts from the the Fuchun River dam downstream along the Fuchun River rafting with a distance of about 20 km. You can by a raft, sheepskin raft, assault boats or pleasure boat, start your stream drift, or ride the waves of wind through the way of the mountain surrounded by water ,or enjoy cross-strait picturesque scenery, chatting with each other ,even listen to the song and play cards .It is also different for you to have fun from Ordinary life when you are enjoying the floating with elegant mood.

TNearing the the beginning of Drifting ,it has Eastern Han Ziling Dynasty monuments stool.tourists can visit the recluse Ziling Dynasty monument to find the origins of the Chinese culture. During the way ,it is the Chinese medicine originator of the Holy Land-TongJun Mountain where you can pay for the old Tongjun ,holding the taste of the profound culture of Chinese medicine; to the downstream of the river , you can also Enjoy delicious fish feast and the local fishing culture.

TNowadays, The "Fuchun River drift "is the longest rafting mileage of Fuchun River and the richest cultural connotation of the drift.