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Tonglu Century taken the "micro" power step

Date: 2013-06-17

"Really did not think I would win that day or my friend reminded me of the information it ......" one called "praying for those not yet into the future," the friend, in getting New Century Grand Hotel Tonglu senior pairs Bed room vouchers, and delight, it seems still can not believe this reality. She is the New Century Grand Hotel Tonglu first held micro-channel sweepstakes grand prize winner.

With the trend of intense micro-channel e-commerce in the hotel industry once again set off a hot cyclone. Some people predict that the era of information already coming, the phone will become the new information linking point. It was also suggested that "micro era" is not yet mature, e-commerce marketing long way to go. In this regard, New Century Grand Hotel Tonglu have their own idea.

2011, New Century Grand Hotel Tonglu opened the occasion coincided with the period of the hottest microblogging. The first time the hotel opened and certified official microblogging. It has always been, only to microblogging as a propaganda platform. In 2013, the hotel industry has been gradually on the right track, has stimulated a free micro-channel fire. This time, New Century Grand Hotel Tonglu act decisively, by the person responsible for the development of micro-channel public platform, opened the hotel's "micro era."

June 2013, in order to repay the majority of micro-friends, the hotel spearheaded a micro-channel sweepstakes. To ensure open, fair and impartial manner, select the specified time point to send the first one coming friends. Their activities in a manner similar moment very popular "spike." Prize a total activity, lucky prize two prizes worth 1,080 yuan for the hotel's Superior Twin Room coupons and 138 yuan buffet coupons. At the same time, the hotel official microblogging carried out on the same day sweepstakes. Friends called numerous micro combination. According to statistics, the event of the hotel public platform to increase more than 200 friends, microblogging increased more than 7,000 friends. Hotel relevant responsible person said, such a "double micro" joint activities, both in order to increase the popularity to the hotel, also aims to pave the way for future marketing activities. Meanwhile, the relevant responsible person also said that this is just New Century Grand Hotel Tonglu taken the "micro" force the first step, after every quarter organizing such micro-events.